Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Some favourite's from the past month

Alive and well. These muscle loving, hardcore babes ain't going nowhere. The Weider brothers didn't take to well to the development of where the Ms O was going. Ironic really! Wonder where we'd be, and where we will be (my guess, amonst other candidates. The Toronto Super Show) without the legendary Weider's?
  Couldn't decide one one particular woman to feature today. My picture file's have almost doubled though.
 Here's a fair few I think you'll like.

This girl, whomever she may be? I've included cos.. well take a look! Beautiful! Not our typical kind of woman posted. She's stunning, and tbh I'd like to know her name. Anyone?

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Maryse Manios. competition and candids

Like I said last week. I've found a lot of talent recently. In main, I've got Tumblr and FMS to thank.
Whilst getting ready to post of of the many (to me) new women of muscle, I came across a tumblr page that had Maryse allover it.
Many of these photo's being new to me. Candids, competition, comparison pics. Be(a)st body parts? How about those thick calfs and wide back?