Monday, 28 July 2014

Aleesha Young

Gets her Pro card! Congratulations! She's always been pretty big but never as hard and conditioned as this.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Theresa Ivancik

I'm surprised by how many female bodybuilders I've discovered in the last 18 months or so. Theresa's not exactly new on the scene of female muscle but after having seen a good few pictures and reading her story I'd have to say this woman has come on in leaps and bounds in roughly the last 5 or 6 years.
With all these multiple categories we have in the competitions, it's quite common these days to see women switch over from one to another. Some girls do it because of a judges opinion and likewise it's plain to see that she belongs elsewhere, just for the obvious fact of where her natural genes are suited to.
So here, once again, we have a figure girl transformed in to full on big hardcore bodybuilder.

Although Theresa's story is the kind I really enjoy! She didn't switch over to bodybuilding because of the advice of her peers or a panel of judges. In fact most were surprised to see her get bigger and BIGGER!!
Here's what Theresa says of her decision to transform from figure to bodybuilder. "In figure, I didn't look how I wanted to look. I love the muscle look and looking more dominant!"

I'm always slightly disheartened if and when I find that a woman has only really taken up becoming a bodybuilder because of her natural genetic makeup. I'm not trying to say that these particular individuals aren't passionate about competing and training, it's just the thing that their body has decided what's gonna happen rather that an out and out desire to WANT to build a big muscular physique!

So as always (or most of the time) I'll start off with a picture that shows her transformation, and a quite startling one at that, even compared to other transformations that I've featured. The left picture shows what nature intended for Theresa. The right picture is what Theresa intended for Theresa! Just awesome seeing this kind of thing!!

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Heather Foster

It's been a whole month since my last post. I'll make up for that in the next couple of weeks. Let's start with another favorite of mine, Heather Foster. Quite an unusual story this one. Initially Heather had no interest in bodybuilding and wanted nothing to do with it! Even more surprising was the fact that after being encouraged by a friend to enter her fist bodybuilding contest Heather finished 2nd, and that, incredibly was before she's ever touched a weight! Being a mesomorph Heather had a great advantage to excel in packing on more muscle. Her notable successes on the bodybuilding stage have been a Ms Olympia and Ms International top 6 finish.
Wonderful physique don't you think, big and beefy as always here BFB, rounded off with some the most beautiful thick meaty traps I've seen on a woman. She pretty much has the whole package for me.
Mm, unfortunately there's no sound on this video, I'd have liked to hear what she had to say. Still worth a look though, Heather at her best!

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Brigita Brezovak workout clips and pictures

Okay you lucky people how's about 2 updates in one day. I doubt many of you have seen these great clips of Brigita. We all love a good workout clip right, who wouldn't? Anybody who loves a big built lady loves to see her sweat it out in the gym. Here's some I've recently acquired that I know you'll enjoy!  video

Nice selection of gym workout shots.

Shannon Courtney

I've been wanting to feature Shannon for a while now. I've been following her progress for the last 18 months or so. I've been biding my time as progress of late has been incredible and needless to say, exciting!! I think she's now gone up another level and really is becoming a big girl.
I remember reading sometime last year that she half-heartedly decided to switch to physique (much to my dismay!) Fortunately shortly afterwards she posted on her facebook that her heart was in being a bodybuilder, and to my delight she wants to be huge!! She's definitely on her way to becoming a full blown HUGE hardcore muscle babe!
As you know I love to see the transformation. Check Shannon's out, she's added big slabs of hot muscle in under 4 years and she ain't finished yet! Keep an eye on her, I fully expect that we'll see one of the most muscular women on the planet over the next 5-10 years. Consider also, this girl is only 23 years old, at this rate she'll be as big as a house.
Shannon age 18 before the start of her transformation. And the second pic shows
Shannon just 4 years later. On of the most astonishing transformations I've seen especially in such a short time, she must be almost 50 lbs heavier in the second pic and just continues to grow!