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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The Fascinating World of Female Muscle

What is it about muscular women that fascinates so many of us? Even those that don't like the look of muscular women can't help but stare in awestruck amazement. There is just no other sight in the world quite like the appearance of women like this. Thought of by most as a kind of contradiction - femininity + big muscular bodies is something most people cannot accept. We're all brought up with the idea that physical strength belongs to men, whilst women should be dainty, elegant, soft and physically weak(er) As a consequence most people's conditioned way of thinking doesn't allow them to see past those ideals.

I really can't comment too much on a non fans point of view because I simply don't know what it's like to NOT find these women very attractive. To me the combination of sexy feminine curves enhanced by huge muscularity is just about as sexy as a woman can get (in a purely physical sense anyway). As I've said before - I love the dedication, the hard work, the effort that goes in to creating physique's like this, the willingness to spend years building themselves to their idea of perfection.

That's what I love, I love how THEY love it, I love how they want to create bodies of such jaw dropping proportions that leave people stunned. Even me as a fan of 20 years who has seen more than my fair share, I'm often stunned, shocked even at the hugeness of some of these women, but for me of course it's an exited kind of shocked, I'm in awe of how big these women get.

You may not think these women are THAT big, most after all compete at less that 200 lbs. Consider though that that is with a body fat at usually less than 5 %, and an average height of  around 5'7''. That means that they've got (the heavy weights) well over 100 lbs of pure muscle mass on their frames, and that's A LOT. Your average (big) man of 200 lbs and usually about 25% body fat  has around 80-85 lbs of muscle mass.

Steroids of course DO play a big part in this acquiring of huge muscle, and I suppose its a hard argument for those of us who are pro female muscle to win. In my opinion that testosterone is converted in to FEMALE muscle. That's who they are- they are WOMEN who just want to become extremely muscular. They get it, they see the beauty of a muscular female body, muscle is their idea of what is attractive, of what looks good on a woman. There is no desire to change sex, that's just the view of what so many who simply cannot understand a woman's desire to become muscular is.

I honestly feel blessed  to be able to appreciate and love the muscular female form (maybe I'm more open minded than most), this is just the female form reconsidered, revolutionised perhaps, a different view of beauty. I personally find regular women hot as-well, of course I do, I'm straight, fans of muscular women are. We're not a bunch of closet cases who can't come to terms with our own sexuality, we just LOVE a big strong powerful lady, and for me women don't get any hotter. I think there's nothing sexier than a woman with huge traps, big wide backs and bulging biceps. Every single body part bulging in fact.

I'd love to hear from other fans out there, what are your thoughts on these amazing lady's, why do you love them so much, what turns you on about them, have you had any experiences with muscular women? Feel free to share. Thanks.


  1. Just wanted to say great post.

  2. Thank you my friend, it's a real pleasure to share my thoughts and my love of muscular women. I think I'm getting the hang of this, thanks for your previous words of encouragement, you and your blog are inspiring, I always look forward to your posts.

  3. awesome post,I feel the exact same way.

  4. Thanks for this post. I've love chicks with big muscles for a long long time. You summed up the attraction better than I could. Love your blog. Keep it up!

  5. Hi biriania,
    you have a wonderful, unique way to describe our common passion!
    I wish I discovered your blog earlier ;-)
    Gladly I will resond to share my thoughts, the reason for my facination for heavyweight hardcore bbs:

    1. I admirer their will power. Their dedication. Their self discipline. Their desire, to torture themselfs with weights and diets. The lust, to feel pain, aching muscles; also their risk taking lust to take any substance neccessary that will help.

    2. I admirer their lifestlye: Eat, Train, Sleep, Eat, Train, Sleep. So reduced, so simple but so hard to copy. Nothing else is going on in their lifes except bodybuilding. No party, no socialising; only muscles, striations, weightraining, chicken with rice, their own body and well being counts.

    3. I admirer their self confidence: This narcissm that comes along with bb. This superior attitude many develop.

    4. Muscles are just the side effect of the attitudes above ;-)

  6. You summed it up for me when you said "I love how THEY love it."

    The fact that female bodybuilders chase that uncommon power and size is incredible sexy to me.

    Also, that's for the perspective on female muscle. Thats what I really love about reading this blog.

  7. Thank you Bugenhagen, it's a pleasure sharing.

  8. I agree, I mean all types make world revolve, some women feel In their core that they are too fat and they weigh not even 120lb, so they do the to get skinnier, some women and men thing they're to skinny so they do things, variations on the spectrum of life.
    I luv women like Lesa Lewis, Beverly fransis, and the Great Iris Kyle