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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Photo of the week, the awesome physique of Kim Chizevsky

Another view of (what I think is) the perfect set of glutes on a female bodybuilder. Perfect overall from head to toe in fact. Now surely, looking at Kim's ass (glutes) how can ANYONE deny that  firm muscular buttocks belong on a woman. Okay so Kim's glutes are exceptionally muscular. Still, I find it hard to imagine a straight guy not being incredibly aroused by this sight. Rest of Kim isn't too bad either. Arguably the finest female physique in history. No flaws, no missing body parts. A beautiful work of art that even the most talented of sculptors would have difficulty matching. 

And what lady wouldn't want a nice curvy behind. Like Kim says, girls if you want that fine ass, get yourself in the gym, and deadlift or/and squat.


  1. "Still, I find it hard to imagine a straight guy not being incredibly aroused by this sight"
    Yes, I think same.
    For Kim, she was one of these bodybuilders who "shocked" me when I first saw her. Unfortunally she quit bb, would like to know if her health or something else was the reason....

  2. Well it's only a rumour I read about but apparently the powers that be in the IFBB gave her some kind of ultimatum that basically made it impossible to carry on where she belonged, i.e a heavyweight female bodybuilder. I don't think her health was ever a problem, could be wrong though. I was very disappointed when she quit, I too was shocked by her awesome physique. I like to be shocked when I look at a big female bodybuilder, I like that feeling of being in disbelief and utter amazement.

    1. Saw this entry online. I too grew up amazed at the accomplishments many of these women have made.

  3. I cannot believe this rumour could be real.... otherwise Iris Kyle , Yaxeni and Co wouldnt be on top, neither, wouldnt they?
    Well, I was disapointing watching Kim promoting her girly fitness body a year later ....
    Hard to get used to a Fiat500 if you were used to drive Porsche911....

  4. It was around 1999-2000. There was much debate about women getting too big. IFBB tried to make Female bodybuilding more marketable to general public. Didn't work and never will. Most people will never be fans of muscular women, no matter how big or smaller they become. Most people look at fitness girls and think that they're bodybuilders lol. They see a dieted down (low bodyfat) physique and after the novelty of looking at these women, they look away. IFBB in my opinion just experimented with ways to bring more money in. Now for the most part things are the way they should be. Bodybuilders male or female should be big. It's one important component in bodybuilding. You can't ask somebody to be a lesser bodybuilder, to not be as good as they are! It causes confusion, probably disheartens and de-motivates. Shame about Kim, she may have been more successful than Iris? Fitness was never her forte, the IFBB robbed her.

  5. Are you still there?
    Looking for others with a muscle fetish.