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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Tina Zampa

Here's a woman who's in the limelight at the moment, the massively muscular Tina Zampa. Now I'm not often shocked at the sheer size of these incredible women, but Tina blew me away when I saw photos of her recently. I knew she was a big girl, I've seen the odd pic and video of her over the last few years. Now she's taken herself to another level in terms of massive muscularity and I love it! Don't think she compete's too often, as far as I'm aware she's been bulking up for at least the last 2 years, and my how it's paid off. Now admittedly she's had a bit of trouble in dieting down and her conditioning is a bit off, in my opinion she could've done with dropping another 5 or 6 pounds of fat (or/and water) But lets not get too carried away with that minor distraction. If you LOVE a female bodybuilder who pushes herself to the limits and wants herself to be an absolute beast, wants to become a freak of epic proportions and simply look like she was created in the mind of a cartoonist who illustrates super hero comics, well then look no further than the amazing jaw dropping physique of Tina Zampa.

Video of Tina in massive off season shape. Incredible.


  1. I totally agree, Tina's size is mind boggling, didn't think anyone could surpass Collette Guimond as far as size and thicknes, but I think Tina has taken that crown. You know a girl is big when you see a pic and first thing you think is the pic is a morph.

  2. Yeah I like that too. I don't particularly like morphs but I love it when a woman looks like one.

  3. For Zampa, the first 3 pics you've chose are wonderful. Indeed a jaw dropping mass freak you have to admirer.
    She might get on my top5 list in future, if she will be able to get tryer, more detailled... ...I fear that my requirements are too high ...?

  4. Yeah possibly a bit much to ask? We'll have to see how she develops. Her speciality of course is out of this world SIZE. So there are a few things that need work, conditioning being one of them. I must say also, those BICEPS, now it's hard to point out a stand out body part for Tina because they are all huge, but I think those biceps deserve a special mention.

    1. on the very first pic (scale) her thights were what impressed me most. Her arms are second. Her nose is 3rd LOL

  5. Her quads are very impressive yes. Her nose lol, I can honestly say, I never noticed her nose until now, it's not that big is it?

  6. Wow! I have guys complement me at the gym and it's faltering and humbling when noticed. My first Tina impression was, "this is a morph", NO WAY! I got her email, I hope she responds. I'm not judging her, she knows what she is doing. Who's gonna tell her she can't. OMG! She had to be bigger than both Colette and Karla.