Friday, 25 January 2013

Annie Rivieccio

Annie's been in the iron game for well over 20 years, her beautiful physique seems timeless. I remember way back when the internet was in it's infancy and before I had access, one day I had a rare opportunity to "surf the web" as it were and more importantly, in privacy! Well of course.. What else was I going to do with this rare instance other than enter the world of online hardcore female muscle? I think she was the first lady I saw online (took me a good half hour to find the female muscle, back then no google, I remember having to trawl through endless links, in which to my annoyance, I kept arriving at male bodybuilding pages and photos) Anyway I finally find what I'm looking for, and there she appeared, holding a couple of dumbbells, her muscles glistening and bulging (and so were my eyes) With barely any clothing on, I thought I'd gone to heaven. Bear in mind this is the late 90s and my opportunities were few and far between.

Annie has maintained a high level of muscularity for well over 15 years and still has at 50 or so years of age, a better physique than most men in their 20s! Now very fortunately she is one of the few female bodybuilders who has often posed nude. So here she is showing us yet another example of how femininity and bulging muscle compliment each other very nicely.


  1. for Annie, i dont know what to admirer most on her: Her physique or her money making career in the adult industry.... She will never win Ms. O, but makes 10x more money than Iris & Co, I have no doubt....

  2. Yes very good business woman.

  3. I would like her to tie me up and put her pussy in my face.

  4. I want my cock to get tortured and masturbated by her strong arms..